BMW Repair Tips


It takes a lot of time and effort to keep a luxury car looking fantastic and running smoothly.  You should look at a couple different areas when performing maintenance on your BMW. Make sure to take it into Laguna Motor Werks for your scheduled maintenance and take care with these extra tips to keep your BMW in tip-top condition. 

The Interior

  • More than likely the carpet and flooring in your BMW is subjected to lots of water and salt throughout the winter; therefore, rust may be forming in places you can’t even see, such as below your car’s carpet. A high quality rug/carpeting shampoo will help you to remove any salt and/or grime from your BMW’s carpet fibers. 
  • Clean any vinyl in the car with a vinyl cleansing product to help fight against any drying, flaking, or cracking.
  • Scrub and shine your BMW’s windows, both inside and out, to increase the driver’s visibility.

 Under the Hood

  • Switch out your BMW’s engine oil & filter if it is needed (you should do this around every 3 months). You can come into Laguna Motor Werks to help change the oil and filter when needed. 
  • Get a thorough tune-up from Laguna Motor Werks Mercedes and BMW maintenance shop (check your BMW owner’s manual to see the frequency at which you should get a tune up or give us a call).
  • Look at and inspect the cooling system hoses for leaks, switch out engine coolant fluid if needed, and check drive belts for cracks or splits.
  • Come in to test your antifreeze. This prevents your coolant from boiling in the summer.

 Check Your Tires

  • Check the pressure of your BMW’s tires. Changes in temperature can affect it. Having good pressure in your tires will give you the best gas mileage and save your tires from any wear & tear!
  • Make sure your tires are in good condition. Over the winter season, did they sustain any damage? Do you see anything visibly wrong with the tires such as any cuts or places of over-inflation (bulges) in the side walls? If so, come into Laguna Motor Werks and have them checked.

Make sure to take care of your BMW and for any repairs or services call us at Laguna Motor Werks to schedule an appointment!


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